Friday, August 3, 2012

Fancy Jewelry Box

 I am sure this has to be one of the smallest pieces of furniture we have worked on.   It is a little jewelry box, designed to look like a chest of drawers.  Our client wanted to refinish the outside, while preserving the cloth covered inside.  We were able to do exactly that for her.  The inside was masked off and then we stripped the box by hand.

Hand stripping allowed us to get the outside very clean, while avoiding the masked off area.  This is  very sensitive work.  We then did our regular prep sanding.  At this point the client came in and chose her stain color and finish sheen.
 The box was finished in a 'Pecan' stain.  This color really gave beautiful contrast between the wood and the veneer marquetry, and  allowed the veneer to look it's best.  Over the stain we applied a 'Satin' sheen finish.  Once these coats were dry, all the hardware was put back on and voila!  You can see the beautiful completed effect below.  Lovely right?
'All Done!'

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