Thursday, March 15, 2012

A High Chair With a New Life

 This high chair withstood the use of many, many babies, but one reckless teenager falling on it just the wrong way, gave it a trip to our shop.   We began our work by stripping the old aging finish off of the high chair.  Once that finish was removed we could see what repairs needed to be done.

All of the joints needed to be re-glued (that is a lot of joints!)  and even the seams in the seat and back had to be repaired.  We repaired these seams with biscuit joints which are a sturdy but invisible way of fortifying the wood.
Once the high chair was repaired and all the prep-sanding was done, it was time to do the color work.  The color you see on the piece is a 'cognac' stain with a 'semi-gloss' finish.  We also had to do some touchup work by hand to both sides of the chair back.  The touchup blends in so well though that at this point it is almost impossible to detect where it was done.

This high chair is now ready for many more babies and many more 'first bites'.  Lets just hope no more reckless teenagers decide to use it as a landing pad!

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