Thursday, March 8, 2012

Duncan Phyfe with Water Damage

I think you may be able to see what was wrong with this table when it came in!  Major water damage to one of the drop leaves.  Plus, one of the 4 curved legs had glue failure and had fallen off.  This is a case of a very nice, high quality piece of furniture, being badly taken care of.

We began our restoration work by stripping the old damaged finish off.  This gave us a much better idea of what we were working with and what we needed to do, to give the table a uniform coloring once we were done.

The table leg repair was a simple one.  It is fairly common for Duncan Phyfe tables to sustain some kind of leg damage, and in comparison to some breaks we have seen, this was minimal.  Often the leg will actually break in half.  This is due to the fact that the grain runs across the curved leg, and so in some places is very weak.

The stain color we used on this table is a combination of Royal Oak and Brown Cherry with a pore filled Gloss finish.  Pore filling is a fairly time intensive job but when it is done, the wood becomes perfectly smooth.  This set up the wood beautifully for the Gloss finish and gave the table a very formal look.

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