Friday, September 16, 2011

A Stain to Complement an Existing Faux Finish

 We just completed work on this beautiful cedar chest.  It has a faux finish inlay section which the owner of the chest wanted to preserve, but  they also wanted to update the finish on the rest of the chest.

We masked off the inlay with a protective plastic tape and stripped the old stain off of the rest of the chest.  Once the stain was removed, we could see we also had some veneer challenges to deal with.  This chest is made of cedar with a walnut veneer over top.  The walnut veneer was peeling back on the corners, and had actually chipped away in places.  This required some repair, and some expert color touchup work.
While the faux finish section could have looked very bad if the wrong color of stain was chosen for the rest of the chest,  we were able to work with the owner of this piece to find just the right stain.   The color we ended up using for this piece is 'Dark Pine' with a 'Satin' sheen finish over it.  This combination beautifully highlights the faux finish section while also making the walnut veneer glow.  Yet another pice of furniture we can hand back to it's owner knowing it was a job well done!

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