Friday, September 16, 2011

Doggie Chew Toy Rocking chair

The doggie who lived in this house had such a good time with this rocking chair!  The pup must have have had some sore teeth because he used the wood on this chair as a chew toy!  When it was brought to us it had gnawed areas all over along with scratches over most of it's platform base.

The first step in repairing this rocking chair was to fill in all the areas where the wood was chewed away.  We did this with an epoxy putty.  This putty comes in several shades and we chose one that was the closest to the shade of the chair.  Once the putty dried it could then be sanded to blend in shape with the wood around it.

The next step was to 'camouflage' all of the chewed and scratched areas to make them disappear.  Once again, our touchup man came to the rescue. With all his brushes, spray cans, powders and pigments he was able to essentially paint in a woodgrain to match the rest of the rocker.  Looking at this rocker now, one would never know that it had been the victim of a canine dental emergency.   Take note all you puppy owners out there,  once your furry friend is done with your furniture, take it to us and we will help it to look good as new again!


 Just in case you look at this chair and are confused when I say 'rocker', this particular design is known as a 'platform rocker'.  It has a stationary base (platform)  and chair that is attached by springs which are hidden from view on the inner side of the base.   While rocking chairs themselves are at least as old as Benjamin Franklin,  platform style rockers are a bit younger, first being introduced around 1870.

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