Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Different Woven Seats On The Same Chair!

We do all kinds of weaving work here at the shop.  Sometimes a chair comes to us with one weave, but the chair's owner wants to change it to a different weave.  In this case, it was entirely possible for us to make the change.  Both the old and the new styles were fastened onto the same kind of frame, so once the old was removed, there was nothing hindering us from switching styles.

The chair came in with a Fibre Rush seat woven in an X pattern.  This is a very common style you can see on a lot of chairs.  Fibre Rush is the most in-expensive way of doing it, as the material is essentially twisted paper.  There are much more expensive (and therefore also more durable) materials that can be used in this same weaving pattern, such as Seagrass Rush, Twisted Seagrass, Wheat Wrapped Rush and Cattail, with Cattail being  by far the most expensive as it is twisted by hand.  Cattail also happens to be by far the nicest!

The chair's owner decided to go with a Flat Reed woven in a herringbone pattern.  One cool thing about how this particular chair was done,  can you tell the flat reed is not all the same size?  It gives this chair a really neat variegated look which isn't as commonly seen.   Now, they could have gone with a slightly more 'fancy' Wood Splint for this same weave, which would show a wood grain throughout.  But this 'fancy' material also has a fancy price, so most people go with the Flat Reed.

Do you like the new weave material and pattern better or the old weave material and pattern?  Do you have a chair like this at home just begging for some TLC?  Bring it to us!

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