Friday, May 20, 2011

Taking a Headboard Down a Size

From time to time, we have been asked to take a Full sized bed and make it into a Queen sized bed.   I actually have one of  those projects posted here on our blog.  But this time, someone brought us a Queen sized bed and want us to make it into the smaller Full sized bed.  This is a new little challenge for us to take on.  Instead of adding to the headboard we are taking away,  so we needed to find a way to do this, while still preserving the original design.

To do this, we removed the curved top section and we removed the decorated side pieces that extend down into the legs.  We then cut the center section down the needed size, moved the trim, and re-attached the decorated side pieces.

We cut the curved top section to retain the same size it had when it was larger, and then re-attached it to the rest of the headboard.  We still need to color match the raw wood areas,  and do some masking touchup to the front where we had to move the trim.  I think it is going to look pretty good when it is done!

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