Friday, July 30, 2010

Baby Bassinet Completed! Friday July 30th, at the shop...

a few postings ago, I told you about this bassinet which we were sprucing up for an expecting mother. The base was so broken and wobbly that it hardly stood up on it's own, much less support the baby carrier, or a baby! And the entire set was covered in lead paint. No one wants their baby chewing on lead, so we had to strip that toxic layer off. Since they are on a rather tight time schedule, and a limited budget,
they asked us not to do any repairs to the bassinet section, and not to do any beautification to the base section. The base would be covered with a curtain anyway so it wasn't so important. So now the job is finished! And here it is...

What do you think? The parents will apply a new (non toxic!) layer of paint to the bassinet so it is looking new for their little one. We did quite a bit of work on the base making it stable again. You can see, we removed the decorative wrapping and brushed down the
paint, so that nothing would flake off during use. We also replaced several support pieces which had broken. All the new 'natural' looking pieces on the base are new.
They are a bent wood which required steaming to attain the correct shape. Even though we don't get to see it looking perfect, We are very happy with the outcome. I think with a little bit of work on the parent's part, this will be a wonderful heirloom still.

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