Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Butler's Table, Wednesday July 21st at the shop...

So last week, this cool table was brought in for some alterations. The couple who own it, had originally gotten it custom built based of another table they had seen of the same design. It is like the reverse of a drop leaf table. The sides can either lay flat, or be raised up, almost like a giant tray. The problem with the design, and the reason they brought it to us, is that when the table lays flat, there is no support under the leaves so it would be quite easy for the wood to break around the hinges if to much weight (like a foot!!!) is rested on it. So what we have done is added 4 slide out supports to the under side of the table. When the leaves are up, the supports disappear under the table, but when the leaves are let down, the supports can be brought out. Now the couple no longer need fear their rambunctious grandchildren!

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