Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Refinished Gate Leg Table

 This is a really cool table, but when it came in to the shop,  it's unique qualities were overshadowed by the damaged old finish.  As you can see, the table top had quite a bit of water damage and in some places was getting flakey.   There were areas where the wood grain was barely visible through the finish.

We stripped the table with our high tech water based finishing system and it came out so well, that there was really no additional work needed to fix the water damage.  We did however need to do quite a bit of work on the base. It has a swiveling 'gate leg' which allows the table to open up into a square.  This wooden mechanism needed work as well.
The gate leg feature is what makes this table really unique.  This table can be used against a wall, or behind a couch, but then can open up for more table surface.  It is almost like a drop leaf, but when it is closed, you would never notice it's special talent.

The stain on this table is our darkest shade, called 'Jacobean'  It is almost black and you have to look closely to see the wood grain.  The dark finish gives this table a very formal/modern vibe, but if you are wanting to see the grain easily, then it is not the stain for you.  Over the stain there is a 'Semi Gloss' sheen finish, which adds to the formality of the table.

Now all this table needs is it's new set of shiny casters and it is ready for display!

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