Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fabricated Table Braces

I bet you can't guess what the pieces of wood in the above picture are for!   They don't have a useful function, they are purely a decorative piece. Can't guess?  That's ok, I am going to tell you anyway.

They are decorative corner braces for a dining room table.  Our client brought the upper one to us and asked us to make two more, as she was missing a couple.  As simple as this may seem off hand, it is actually a very tricky job.  It requires the use of different router bits, a jig and a 'forstner bit', to exactly re-create the carving from the original.  The 'forester bit' was used to make that circular indentation, it creates an exact circle, while removing the wood as it carves.    Once all that is set, it all has to be reversed to create the carving on the mirror-image corner brace.   

Of course,  that is just the fabrication process.  We haven't begun to talk about the color work necessary to mimic the look of an aged 'original' finish.  As challenging as all those little steps may be,  we have the people here for the job.  As you can see, it came out beautifully.  These corner braces are now on proudly in place on the dining room table,  and no one would ever notice they weren't original.  Now that is a job well done!

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