Monday, April 30, 2012

Decorative Weaving Colors

When this cute little stool came to us it had a very similar weaving pattern, but it was so faded out that the color was hardly visible.  So we removed the old weaving and then stripped the wood down so that it was bare.  It then needed to be prep sanded and stained.   The stool has a beautiful, rich looking water based Brown Cherry Stain, with a Semi Gloss finish over the top.  Gorgeous!   Then it was time for the weaving.  While we can use almost any pattern or material at our shop, this particular client wanted to keep the weaving looking like the original.  So to do that, we used a Flat Reed as the material.  We colored some of it with a dark green dye.  Flat reed takes color very well, much better then most of the other weaving materials, which makes it ideal for a multi color pattern like this one.   Our weaver then used a herringbone pattern, weaving one direction with natural colored reed, an the other direction with the dyed reed.  The completed result is a very cool looking bench that should look beautiful and be functional for many years to come.

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