Monday, February 27, 2012

A Pie Crust Table, All Dressed Up.

Now this is a great 'before and after!  This two tier 'pie crust' table looked pretty bad before it came to us, and now it looks gorgeous!  Absolutely gorgeous.

When the table came to us it had a dull, uneven, damaged finish.  It had water damage, and on the top there was a ring where a doily had sat for years shading that area.  The shaded area stayed a little darker then the rest.  All in all, it was in pretty bad shape and came to the right place.   

 We stripped the old ugly finish off and prepped the piece for a new life.  In was sanded with 120 and 180 grit sandpaper.  Then our client came back in and we worked with her to find just the right stain color.  The stain color we came up with is 1/2 Teak, 1/2 Brown cherry, with a Gloss finish over top.  This gives a definite red appearance but the brown tones it down a bit.  The grain really pops now whereas before, you could hardly see the wood grain through the damaged finish.  The table legs also got a glaze treatment to bring out the details on the carving.

Our client was thrilled when she saw the table and has decided to bring us some of her bedroom set.  We like that kind of complement!

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