Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We want to wish all of our readers and customers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.  We are having our employee christmas party this afternoon and then we close for a week so that we can spend this time with our families.

But before we go, we want to extend some good wishes your way and a little holiday furniture advice as well.  Our advice is simple.
1.   Please do not use your antique caned seat side chair as a stepping stool to get down that gravy boat off of the top shelf.  I know it is hard to reach up there, but we have seen enough woven furniture with foot print holes in in that we know from experience, woven seats do not make good stepping stools.
2.   When your gorgeous candle aubra on the dining room table drips all over your gorgeous wood, you may have haze spots from the heat, or colored spots from the dye.  Your best bet is to just bring it to us.  To prevent this disaster, put something under your candles, like a table runner or serving dish, to catch the wax.
3.   It is very likely your wood surfaces may incur a few new water rings this weekend.  When that happens, act fast!  Read my previous blog post about this topic here...
4.  It is possible your uncle (or other relative) may enact the ultimate party foul and have the lovely chair they are sitting on collapse underneath them.  While the relative may feel that the embarrassment is the biggest problem here,  the broken chair's problems could be made much worse if you try and fix them with yellow glue, gorilla glue, foam glue, etc.  Again, your best bet is to bring that precious chair to us, so we can put it back together properly.

And now, from all of us at craftsman, we would  like to wish you a happy (and accident free) Christmas and New Years.  We will see you in 2012!

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