Monday, October 31, 2011

Dodecagon Marquetry Table

Marquetry Table - CompletedMarquetry Table - BeforeMarquetry Table - BeforeMarquetry Table - StrippedMarquetry Table - StrippedMarquetry Table - Stripped
Marquetry Table - StrippedMarquetry Table - Mid-RepairMarquetry Table - Mid RepairMarquetry Table - Mid RepairsMarquetry Table - Repair CompletedMarquetry Table - Touchups
Marquetry Table - TouchupsMarquetry Table - CompletedMarquetry Table - CompletedMarquetry Table - Completed

Dodecagon Marquetry Table, a set on Flickr.

Come see the transformation of this table from a peeling, cracking veneer disaster, to a work of art!

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