Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Teething Dog Vs. Antique Rocker

This platform rocking chair just came in to our shop, after having been the object of a teething dog's attention.  This is just one section of the damaged area.  There are scrapes and gouges all over the base of  this lovely old rocker which would usually cause the owner of a piece damaged like this, to throw up their hands in tearful frustration and then put the chair in some corner or Attic out of the way.
Fortunately the savvy owner of  this rocker brought it to us.  We have done work like this before and will be able to fix it up beautifully.  As you can see, this buffet leg had  similar damage, when it was attacked  by a hungry household pet.  We had more than one option as far as how to fix it, but the owner of the piece chose to have us make a new leg.  You would never know it had been so badly damaged would you?

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