Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Craftsman Furniture Service was established in 1990, underwent a major expansion in 1995, expanded again in 2002 and in 2006. We specialize in restoring furniture, primarily fine furniture and antiques. Most of the furniture we work on was made during the period from the mid-nineteenth century through the mid-twentieth century. We have worked on a number of even older pieces, some we believe to have been over 300 years old, such as the cabinet pictured to the right. We also work on numbers of more recent pieces. We are happy to help our customers with a broad range of needs related to furniture and woodwork. including architectural woodwork, cabinetry and doors. Our intention is to provide excellent service, to provide our customers with accurate and helpful information when called for, and in all cases to restore the furniture or woodwork we are entrusted with to a condition of beauty and usefulness.

As an endorsement of our abilities in the restoration of valuable items of furniture, during 2005 we were selected to restore a number of the pieces now on display in the Leland Stanford Mansion Museum in Sacramento, CA and in the Jack London Museum in Glen Ellen, CA. In 2006 we did additional work for the Leland Stanford Mansion Museum and for the Los Encinas Museum as well. Museum commissions continue to be a part of our regular work

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